What is Personal Banking?

Personal Banking refers to the service provided by the banks to the individuals. It is either called the consumer banking or wholesale banking.  Personal banking deals with a lot of aspects like deposits, savings account, loans, credit cards and so on.

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposits refers to the money that is put in the bank for safe keeping. These bank deposits may refer to the money is deposit accounts like the savings account, checking accounts and money marketing accounts. The money in these accounts is in total control of the account holder. The money can be withdrawn at any time sticking on to the terms and conditions of the particular bank.

Loans and credit

Loans and credit is an absolute boon to the general public if used properly. These loans and credit help the general public to achieve bigger dreams in their lives like owning a house or getting educated. There are various types of loans. Some of them are home loans, education loans, vehicle loans and so on.  The banks provide loans to customers based on their credit score and earning capabilities. The loan needs to be paid back with a little percentage of interest that varies from bank to bank.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are more like getting a loan from the bank in small amounts. Every credit card has a limit within which the money can be spent. The spent amount is paid to the banks again with a bit of interest to it every month. Though we believe the future is crypto cards.

Retirement Plan Accounts

To work in a firm and retire at a certain age is a blissful experience to have in this world. Retired life is the part of your life where you need to let go of things enjoy to the fullest. Don’t let fiancé be a hurdle to enjoy your retired life.

The retirement plan account is a tax-favored account. The account lets people deposit a particular amount every year. The interest that they get out of it does not require any taxes. With a proper retirement account, you don’t need to worry about your finance in the future.

Online Banking

You can easily access your banking account and proceed with the transactions in the most secure way. Online banking provides easy access to our customers and also helps the banks to provide better services.