What is Commercial Banking?

Commercial banking is the banking process that accepts deposits, provides account checking services, provides business loans and offers financial products like deposit certificates. These are the banks where people carry out their normal banking procedures. A commercial bank is entirely different from an investment bank that deals with entirely different processes and has different procedures.

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Business Deposit Accounts

Business Deposit Accounts or the investment accounts is more like a saving account that allows the business to get high interests on large deposits or regular deposits. These Business Deposit Accounts have a lot of restrictions for withdrawals.  You do not have the option of instant withdrawal. Prior notification must be provided to the bank to make the withdrawal.

Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending is a banking process that allows the business to obtain financial help from the banks for the initial funding or short-term expenditure for a business. Generally this process is carried out by sanctioning the loans which are usually backed by collaterals and surety.

International Trade Financing

International Trade Financing is mandatory to obtain funds to get into international trade operations. The international trade financing has various methods of transactions.

Technology Lending

Technology lending is one of the new age methods that has redefined the lending process. Since there is a constant breach of data, this method is adopted to make the process more secure. The Fintech companies have literally changed the traditional methods of lending and came up with a safe and secure method.

Commercial Real Estate and Construction Lending

A commercial real estate loan is a loan that is secured by an individual or a firm on a commercial property. The commercial real estate refers to the property that generates income and is only used for business requirements. It can be retail centers, office complexes, hotels or apartments.

Construction Lending is the loan secured for the funding of any construction or a real estate project.

Cash Management Services

Cash Management is a very broad sector in the finance industry. It is the process of collection of cash, managing it and also making use of it for short-term investment. This plays a very curtail role in market liquidity, cash flow, and investments.  Cash management is also referred to as the treasury management.